QF-ARC invites research abstracts

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QF-ARC invites research abstracts Dr Nabeel al-Salem: QF-ARF eager to excite and inspire youth about science and research.
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Researchers and students are invited to submit an abstract based on original research for consideration at the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference (QF-ARC) 2013.  
The deadline for abstract submissions is  September 1.
If selected, candidates will have the opportunity to present their research at Qatar’s flagship research and development conference, and connect with leading experts in their fields locally, regionally and internationally.  
The theme of this year’s conference is “Qatar’s Cross-cutting Research Grand Challenges.”
Qatar Foundation Research and Development encourages applicants to align their abstracts with one  of the 12 research grand challenges that have been identified for this year’s conference, including protecting the nation’s cyber infrastructure, developing and deploying solar energy solutions, ensuring sustainable water supply, integrating health management systems and supporting Arabic culture, arts, heritage, media and language.
“Every year, we look forward to receiving a large number of abstract submissions from talented students and researchers in Qatar who showcase innovative research projects and novel ideas,” Qatar Foundation Research and Development’s Outreach and Communications executive director Dr Nabeel al-Salem said, adding: “We are eager to excite and inspire our youth about science and research, and to continue building a vibrant ecosystem for research excellence and innovation.”
Every submission will be reviewed by a panel of experts in each of the research categories.
Grading and selection criteria will be based upon research quality, originality and merit, written content, and relevance to the research grand challenges.
Student abstracts will be considered for poster presentations while abstracts submitted by expert researchers could be scheduled for either an oral or poster presentation.
The abstracts selected will be part of a special conference proceedings publication by QScience, a scientific publishing house in Qatar adhering to the highest scholarly publishing standards.
Participants presenting outstanding research will also be recognised at a special ceremony on the closing day of the conference.
A highlight of this year’s conference programme will be interactive debate sessions on select research grand challenges.
The programme also includes research presentations and parallel expert panel discussions throughout the two days of proceedings.
QF-ARC is an ideal platform for advancing the implementation of the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS) to foster excellence within the key pillars of energy and environment, computer science and ICT, health, social sciences, arts and humanities.
The conference will be held from November 24-25 at Qatar National Convention Centre, and will provide national stakeholders, as well as international partners, with the chance to network and learn all about Qatar’s latest research initiatives. The conference will also feature stands for local exhibitors, offering them and the visiting delegates an exciting opportunity to interact directly.
All abstracts must be submitted online through the abstract submission page.
More information can be had on https://www.editorialmanager.com/qf-arc/.

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