The Phoenix Private School opening in September

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The Phoenix Private School opening in September Senior officials and faculty members of the school.
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The Phoenix Private School (PPS), a new school  which follows the British National Curriculum, will be opened at Al Maamoura in the first week of September, the promoters said yesterday.
“The Phoenix Private School endeavours to make students future leaders through high standards of education,” said principal Naveed Iqbal, a British educationist. “Our objective is to provide students with a rich, rewarding, challenging and diverse
PPS, with SEC Education Licence No 1 of 2013, will start  with  Early Years and Foundation Stage, Primary and Preparatory, for students aged between three and 14 years. “Quality education with a balanced extra-curricular provision will be provided at the school by UK-qualified teachers,” the official said.  
“Our academic focus will encourage students to tackle challenges independently. We have numerous initiatives to aid students’ development outside the classroom. These include Cogmed, a training programme that focuses on improving a student’s working memory to tackle attention and organisation shortfalls; Read Write Inc, an intensive literacy recovery programme taught through the use of synthetic phonics, and an extensive extra-curricular programme of activities,” said Rhian Lewis-Sharif, assistant principal (primary).

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