Islamic calligraphy exhibition opens

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Islamic calligraphy exhibition opens Dr al-Sulaiti (third right) with the Iranian officials and the artist.
11:13 PM

An Islamic calligraphy exhibition by the Iranian artist Mohsin Ibrahim was jointly inaugurated by the director general of the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, and the Iranian envoy in Doha on Friday.
The exhibition includes 20 paintings of Al Mualla calligraphy, written by the Iranian calligraphist who won the first prize at the Holy Qur’an international exhibition for 2005-2006. He also won the excellence award of the Society of Iranian Calligraphists.
The paintings are part of the exhibits displayed at the recently-concluded artistic workshop organised by the Iranian calligraphist at the visual art centre of the Ministry of Culture Arts and Heritage and the Iranian embassy in Doha.
Dr al-Sualiti said that Katara had received an invitation from the Iranian side to visit the Holy Qur’an exhibition in Tehran.
“We are keen to exchange the expertise with the Iranian side within the course of the cultural vision of the Katara to strengthen links with the cultural heritage in the Arabic and Islamic worlds.”
The Iranian envoy, Dr Mohamed Jawad Ashayes, praised co-operation with Katara. He pointed out that Katara was an example to be followed by the Arab and Islamic countries.
The cultural attaché at the Iranian embassy, Ali Imam Zadah, said: “Both Arabs and Iranian are interested in calligraphy because it has a special meaning in the Arabic and Islamic culture which unite all Muslim people.”
The Iranian artist said: “Al Mualla calligraphy is distinguished for the height and size of letters and the interconnection of the letters without affecting the aesthetic aspect of calligraphy from the right to the left side.”

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