SCH awards accreditation to QU College of Pharmacy

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SCH awards accreditation to QU College of Pharmacy Dr al-Misnad, Dr Ali and other officials from SCH and Qatar University.
12:11 AM

The Supreme Council of Health has awarded the first Accreditation Provider Status to Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy for the institution’s Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development (CME/CPD).
The award was the first of many accreditation the SCH hopes to award to CME/CPD providers in Qatar as it strives to ensure the provision of   a comprehensive world-class healthcare system and the development of a vibrant and highly regarded health sector.
The accreditation procedure forms part of the National Health Strategy’s Project 5.2 work, which aims at regulating healthcare practitioners and ensuring the quality of the education they receive for professional development.
While presenting the award, the SCH assistant secretary general for Policy Affairs Dr Faleh Hussein acknowledged the achievement of the accreditation as an important milestone for the critical endorsement of the CME/CPD national accreditation system.  
Qatar University president Dr Sheikha al-Misnad and College of Pharmacy acting dean Dr Sherief Khalifa expressed their gratitude to the SCH for the award.
SCH Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety department director Dr Jamal al-Khanji said: “It’s my great honour to attend such a unique event that reflects the commitment of The College of Pharmacy to the National Health Strategy and the in-depth understanding of the concept of improvement of patient care outcomes through Continuing  Medical Education and Professional Development.”
The accreditation was considered a significant milestone and the first visible output of the work that has taken place to implement the national CME/CPD accreditation system that mandates all registered healthcare practitioners to provide evidence of participation in relevant CME/CPD activities in order to maintain and renew their licence.

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