Ooredoo volunteers share Iftar with elderly people

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Ooredoo volunteers share Iftar with elderly people The visit to Ihsan was part of Ooredoo’s Ramadan campaign, Alrabaa.
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As part of its Ramadan campaign, Alrabaa (friends), volunteers from Ooredoo visited Qatar Foundation for Elderly Care (Ihsan) this weekend to bring joy to some of the people supported by the foundation.
The visit was part of a series of initiatives designed to spread joy throughout the community and encourage people to think of others during the holy month of Ramadan. The volunteers spent time with some of the old people helped by the foundation and learned more about its work.
The Ooredoo delegation led by Fatima Sultan al-Kuwari, director of community and public relations, was received by Khaled Abdullah, director of public relations, and a group of employees from the foundation.
After touring Ihsan and being briefed on its mission and activities, al-Kuwari said: “We want to reach out to people during the Holy Month of Ramadan and share the spirit of this special time with them. Ihsan plays a vital role in Qatar and Ooredoo is pleased to support its important work.”
After breaking their fast together, Ooredoo’s delegation presented gifts to elderly people at the foundation.
Ihsan is dedicated to improving the lives of elderly people and helping them overcome social, health, economic and rehabilitative difficulties.
This Ramadan, Ooredoo’s Alrabaa campaign is taking the lead in a wide range of community and charity initiatives, including hospital visits, children’s activities and small acts of kindness across the country.
For the next event, the Alrabaa will visit the children’s ward at Hamad medical centre on the “Day of Smiles”.
Ooredoo has created special “Sharing Spheres” at Villaggio (Gate 4), where people can donate items for charity.
Customers can follow Ooredoo’s Ramadan campaign on the website, www.ooredoo.qa, Facebook page and TV ads, or follow on Twitter @OoredooQatar and the hashtag #alrabaa

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