ISL Qatar celebrates its inaugural graduation

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ISL Qatar celebrates its inaugural graduation The graduating class of 2013.
1:16 AM

The  International School of London (ISL) Qatar has celebrated its inaugural graduation.  The ceremony for the class of 2013 brought together the school community to celebrate student achievements, a successful year for ISL Qatar and 40 years of academic excellence for the ISL Group.    

In his address,   ISL Group managing director Amin Makarem noted that “the 2012-2013 academic year marked the International School of London’s 40th anniversary year”.

Makarem said: “I am delighted that the celebrations which started with ISL Qatar hosting the Alliance for International Education conference last October are culminating with this auspicious and fitting event.”

School headmaster Christopher Charleson said the Class of 2013 had a number of unique features that made it very special.  “They are truly multicultural – they have 18 different nationalities from across the world, speaking 10 different mother tongue languages. Perhaps most importantly, they are our inaugural graduating class, so will always have a place in the history of ISL Qatar.”

Charleson presented two  awards on the occasion. The first one, the ECIS Student Award for International Understanding, went to Abigail Villarroel, for her  “positive attitude toward life and culture of others, a contributing force in the life of the school, and has the ability to bring differing people together in a sense of community and international understanding”.

The second award, the ECIS Adult Award for the Promotion of International Education, was presented to MYP co-ordinator Helen Jeffery in recognition of contributions to the promotion of international education and an understanding of world cultures.




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