HMC praised for co-operation

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HMC praised for co-operation Ooredoo and HMC officials at the ceremony.
1:07 AM

Ooredoo has thanked Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) following a successful promotional campaign held at Rumailah Hospital’s outpatient clinics earlier this month.

The campaign saw Ooredoo highlight the wide range of services it offers, including money transfer using mobile phones, Mosaic and broadband subscriptions. The company also showcased its Nojoom rewards programme, which allows customers to redeem points earned at restaurants,
hotels and stores.

Mohamed Saleh al-Marri, sales and services manager at Ooredoo, praised HMC’s co-operation and presented Ali al-Khater, executive director of corporate communications at HMC, with a token of appreciation.

Representatives from HMC attended a special ceremony to mark the co-operation, including Osama Abdulhadi, assistant executive director of Rumailah Hospital, Khalifa al-Yahri from the corporate communications department and Aisha al-Kulaifi, corporate social responsibility co-ordinator.

Attendees from Ooredoo included Hamad Hadi al-Nahdi, branch manager; Ahmad al-Majid, manager for northern areas; Mohamed al-Jaber and Salim al-Halabi, commercial support superviser.




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