First Finance in Ramadan car promotion with Toyota dealer

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First Finance in Ramadan car promotion with Toyota dealer Eslah Assem
11:47 PM

First Finance Company (FFC), a part of Barwa Bank Group, will provide a “unique” car finance campaign during Ramadan in partnership with Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Company, the exclusive dealer of Toyota in Qatar.

The campaign offers customers who buy a Toyota financed with FFC during the Holy Month the opportunity to win the latest sports car, Toyota 86, in addition to great financing facilities.

Eslah Assem, FFC chief executive officer, said: “As with every Ramadan, we have introduced fantastic campaigns for those looking to purchase a new car during the Holy Month. We are especially proud to partner with Toyota, the largest car manufacturer in the world and one that is extremely popular in the local market, to bring our customers this wonderful opportunity to win a Toyota 86 while benefiting from our highly-competitive financing terms.”

With FFC, customers can also benefit from a great range of savings on all Toyotas, including an average profit rate of 3.2%, with no downpayment required and a maximum tenure of some 72 months for Qataris and 48 months for expatriates. The grace period is three months. To be eligible, customers are required to have a minimum salary of QR5,000.

“Ramadan is the month of giving and there cannot be a better time to express our gratitude to our customers than by offering them the chance to win a Toyota 86, while benefiting from our competitive car finance terms. FFC always endeavours to provide our customers with innovative Shariah-compliant services and products, tailormade for their convenience. Our Ramadan car finance campaign with Toyota is another such initiative,”
Assem added.






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