Orientalist Museum project raises funds for Qatar Charity

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Orientalist Museum project raises funds for Qatar Charity
11:15 PM

Orientalist Museum and Qatar Charity officials with a cheque for over QR12,000.

Orientalist Museum has presented over QR12,000 to Qatar Charity from the revenue of its ongoing Afrehom project. The proceeds were raised through the sale of carrybags made from recycled art collateral.
Afrehom - which means “make them happy” in Arabic – looks at ways to recycle art material for charity.
Initiated by Kabir Abdulrazak, Orientalist Museum’s head of operations, and  Fatema Sorore, the head of events, the project’s first undertaking transformed Art of Travel exhibit banners into one-of-a-kind carrybags.
Several hundred carrybags have been sold in Qatar over the past two months.
The funds raised will go directly to Qatar Charity’s blind children project.
Speaking at the official ceremony, Sheikha al-Muftah from Qatar Charity said: “I would like to express my gratitude to the administration of Orientalist Museum for the generous donation and support for projects of humanitarian causes that target people with disabilities, mainly blind and visually-impaired people.”
“It seemed like a good idea to recycle the colourful banners from the exhibition, so we decided to convert them into tote bags and donate the proceeds for a worthy cause,” said Abdulrazak. “The collaboration with Qatar Charity brings the recycled graphic banners to life,” added Sorore.
Orientalist Museum has a number of upcoming Afrehom initiatives and will make an official announcement shortly. As museum director, Dr Olga Nefedova explained: “This is our first initiative in the field of charity projects and we hope that Orientalist Museum, through the museum-charity organisation partnership, becomes an important educational resource for the larger community of blind or visually-impaired children, who must have access to the world’s visual art culture.”

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