Barwa Bank supports special needs students

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Barwa Bank supports special needs students
10:56 PM

Buddylicious chefs hold workshop with special needs students, supported by silver sponsor Barwa Bank.

Barwa Bank, Qatar’s fastest growing Shariah-compliant banking service provider, was the silver sponsor of Buddylicious, an exclusive cooking workshop organised by Stenden University Qatar and Event Management for 30 students from Best Buddies AlShafallah, recently at Al-Jazi Compound in West Bay.
Barwa Bank was keen to support the event organised to engage students with special needs and create awareness of Best Buddies AlShafallah, a non-profit initiative dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-on-one friendships and integrated employment.
During the day’s activities the students were given a fun and interactive master class in cooking.
“Barwa Bank was honoured to be the silver sponsor of Buddylicious. It reflects our strong commitment to nurturing and supporting those less fortunate and helping them flourish and grow,” said Barwa Bank CEO Steve Troop.
 “I applaud Best Buddies for the invaluable work they are doing in providing opportunities of socialisation, training and career support for people with intellectual disabilities across Qatar and we look forward to collaborating further with them in the future.”

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