Qatari, UK composers come together for Year of Culture concert in London

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Qatari, UK composers come together for Year of Culture concert in London The artistes take a curtain call at Cadogan Hall in London.
10:04 PM

Prominent Qatari and British composers brought together their music to a full house at Cadogan Hall in London recently to celebrate creativity, diversity and mutual cultural understanding as part of Qatar-UK Year of Culture 2013.
Barry Wordsworth conducted the evening’s special guests, British violinist Chloë Hanslip and Royal College of Music Alumnus and Qatar resident, pianist Amira Fouad, with percussionist Gary Kettel.
The evening included the world premiere of several new pieces of music by Qatari film music composer Wael Binali and British composer David Heath with two very special pieces dedicated to the Year of Culture ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ and ‘Journey to the Oasis’.
Qatar Museums Authority chairperson HE  Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani said: “We believe that culture is a powerful tool, and the Qatar-UK Year of Culture 2013, as part of the QMA Cultural Diplomacy Programme, is giving us the opportunity to further promote cultural dialogue and build bridges between societies and communities in both countries.”
Amira Fouad, artistic director at Qatar Music & Arts, Qanas Productions, said: “I have always enjoyed working with international musicians to foster a cultural exchange. We were delighted to be able to bring together two eminent composers from Qatar and the UK, Wael Binali and David Heath, in this collaboration exchanging musical ideas to produce unique and powerful music, honouring other cultures and religions.”
Binali’s ‘Earth’, as well as ‘The Oryx and the Unicorn’ had their world premieres with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Binali’s ‘Journey to the Oasis’ featured several of his works arranged and linked together by David Heath.
Both composers expressed a great sense of excitement and honour to be working together, dedicating their work to the Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture.
Colin Lawson, Director of The Royal College of Music, hosted the concert’s Pre-Show talk. He was joined on stage by the featured composer, David Heath, and Joy Hill, Musical Director of the Royal College of Music Vigala Singers.

HE the Qatari Ambassador to the UK, Khalid Rashid Salem al-Homoudi al-Mansouri, welcomes the audience to the evening’s celebrations.

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