Training programmes to tackle human trafficking

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Training programmes to tackle human trafficking
12:05 AM

Qatar Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking (QFCHT) has organised a seminar on issues related to dealing with potential victims of human trafficking for the new doctors at Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) on the occasion of inauguration of the Migrant Health Center. The seminar took place at QRC headquarters and briefed doctors on the present national referral mechanism used by individuals and relevant government and  non-governmental anti-trafficking agencies in the country in referring potential and actual victims to QFCHT directly or to other concerned organisations.


Qatar Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking (QFCHT) began in Doha on Monday the  implementation of  three training programmes as part of the Arab initiative to build national capacity in the field of combating human trafficking.  
Experts from QFCHT, the UN and other relevant organisations are taking part in the three-day programme which QFCHT  is holding in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
Speaking at the opening session, QFCHT’s director general Maryam al-Malki welcomed the participants. She said that this initiative is sponsored and supported by Qatar and will be implemented over three years in co-operation and co-ordination with partners of the UNODC and the Arab League.
She said the first year’s programmes of the initiative’s project was successfully implemented in co-operation with partners and the other supporting parties.

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