Quality Hypermarket launches new promotion

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Quality Hypermarket launches new promotion
12:00 AM
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< face="Arial" size="2" color="#ff0000">Manager Kamal Hussain and assistant managers Bobby Eanasu and Bhubrajn were present at the briefing where announcement on the company’s promotions was made

Quality Hypermarket has launched a new promotion of cash-back bonanza to its customers.
Under the new promotion, which lasts until July 19, those buying textiles and footwear items from the hypermarket for a minimum of QR150 will get gift vouchers worth QR50, which could be redeemed on garments and footwear.
The purchases made at 0% interest scheme being conducted by Quality Hypermarket in association with leading banks including Qatar National Bank, Commercialbank and Doha bank have been popular in the community.
Under the promotion customers using credit cards of any of these banks could make purchases from the Quality Hypermarket and make their repayment at 0% interest within six months. This promotion will run up to six months.
The hypermarket is also running promotions on several items including air- conditioners, chillers, refrigerators etc. Customers with credit cards could buy these products along with many other items from the hypermarket, said the company officials. The 0% interest purchase facility is available on a minimum purchase of QR1,000 and the upper limit will be the same as one’s credit card limit.
This is in addition to the ongoing promotion which gives a chance to all those who buy things worth QR50 to win 4 Nissan pathfinder 2012 model cars and QR5,000 to 6 winners once in a fortnight.

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