Al Futtaim vehicle rental firm opens

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Al Futtaim vehicle rental firm opens The AVR team at the launch.
12:09 AM

Al Futtaim Vehicle Rentals (AVR) has kicked off operations in Qatar, introducing a combination of vehicle rental and tailored corporate leasing solutions under one roof.
Already a number of vehicles have been leased to high profile Qatar-based companies.
“Building on the strengths of Al Futtaim’s regionally renowned automotive division, AVR is privileged to possess an expansive fleet of brand new and well-maintained vehicles,” said Al Futtaim (Automotive) president Len Hunt, who visited Doha on the occasion of the company’s official launch.
Based on clients’ insights, AVR is introducing a consultancy based-service providing bespoke solutions to the requirements of the corporate segment.
AVR’s clients include IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Petrotec, Combat Trading, and QDVC.
The newly-established company has recruited a number of vehicle lease and service industry specialists to create a team of mobility consultants, focused on providing an exceptional customer experience.
“We had considered entering the Qatar market for some time ... we feel this is the right time for AVR to establish itself in this buoyant market with tremendous potential in the foreseeable future,” said AVR regional operations manager Paul Milne.

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