Flash mobs lead shoppers to Jezequel

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Flash mobs lead shoppers to Jezequel Flash mob wraps up its performance at Jezequel’s outlet in Lagoona Mall.
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Fashion brand Jezequel  organised two flash mobs  recently to introduce the brand’s Spring and Summer collections as well as to make its potential clientele aware of its  location in Lagoona Mall. 

“The flash mobs highlighted our  spring-summer collection for which we are receiving significant attention from our already established clients, and we look forward to welcoming more visitors to discover the value Jezequel offers,” said  Naira Group distributor Gilbert al-Khouri.

Men, women and children participated  by dancing in synchronicity along with two mimes to a live three-piece band to create a Parisian atmosphere  near the mall’s main entrance. They then led their audience to Jezequel’s location, which ended in loud applause.

“Jezequel opened on August 15, 2012 in Doha due to the fashion-savvy residents with high buying power. The brand offers  smart/casual wear for everyone,” said fashion retail operations director Bobby Singh.







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