EQ to hold exhibition on government procurement

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EQ to hold exhibition on government procurement
10:50 PM

Enterprise Qatar — an official agency responsible for promoting entrepreneurship in the country— is to hold  a three-day conference and exhibition on government procurement and contracting policies.
This was announced by Nora al-Mannai, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Enterprise Qatar (EQ), at a news conference .
Scheduled from May 19 to 21, the event is being held under the patronage of HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.
HE the Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani will open the exhibition.
Al-Mannai said the objective of the event is to gather information based on the expertise of the best international practices and present it to SMEs in Qatar over three days of interactive seminars and workshops.
She said the first of its kind event is an annual meeting point for policymakers, local and international experts and SME business leaders to engage in open discussions and identify solutions regarding the most crucial issues in government procurement and contracting.
While discussing the conference programme, al-Mannai indicated that the agenda will dedicate a seminar to each day of its three-day programme in order to tackle all projects within government procurement and contracting that Enterprise Qatar prepared and launched during January of this year; in addition to many related topics.  
According to al-Mannai, day one’s discussions will involve experts and speakers from Ireland, Qatar, Switzerland, Turkey and the UAE, to name a few; and include the following titles: “SMEs Business Opportunities Mapping” and “Think Small First – Small is Beautiful.”
The second day will be dedicated to discussing “SMEs Rating and Accreditation” and “Contract Finance and Quick Payments,” in addition to debating contracting legal implications and effectively guiding SMEs towards winning and delivering public tenders.
The third and final day of the conference will tackle the “Surety Bonds Guarantee Programme,” which contributes to easing the financial burdens of small and medium-sized enterprises that are associated with insurance providers.

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