Broadband plan released for public consultation

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 Broadband plan released for public consultation
10:35 PM

The Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) yesterday released the country’s National Broadband Plan for public consultation, which aligns with Qatar’s target to achieve “ubiquitous, high speed” broadband access for 95% of households and businesses by 2015.
It also is aligned with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, and ensures that Qatar maximises the opportunities arising from the FIFA World Cup in 2022.
This document, Qatar’s first National Broadband Plan, supports and promotes broadband market development by providing the guidelines and actions the nation needs to take in the next decade to ensure that the opportunities offered by broadband technology are realised.
This plan represents Qatar’s commitment to becoming a “leading digital economy” and recognises the critical contribution of information and communication technology. ictQATAR realises that high-quality, high-speed, affordable broadband services are essential to future innovation, economic diversification, and creating a knowledge-based economy.
All stakeholders and interested parties are invited to comment on the proposed plan and provide feedback to ictQATAR by May 29. Comments should be submitted by e-mail to
All comments received in response to this public consultation will be carefully reviewed and considered by ictQATAR before finalising the plan.
The complete consultation document and the draft National Broadband Plan can be downloaded from the ictQATAR website at

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