Malaysian seeking flight record lands in Doha

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Malaysian seeking flight record lands in Doha
2:05 AM

Malaysian pilot James Anthony Tan (21), who is attempting a Guinness World Record for being the youngest pilot to fly around the world, landed at the Doha International Airport yesterday afternoon. Qatar is the 17th country and 22nd stop during his record-breaking journey that started on March 26. The campaign – 1Malaysia Around The World (1RTW) – has been preset to take a total of 50 days to complete. This means that Tan has only six more days to achieve the feat. He will leave Qatar in his Cessna 210 aircraft today. Tan, who was born with dyslexia, was adjudged “The youngest Malaysian to fly a single-engine piston aircraft in an expedition” by the Malaysia Book of Records in 2012 after flying to Oxford and back. If he succeeds, he will become the first Malaysian, the first Southeast Asian and the 95th in human history to fly solo around the world. The current world record holder is Switzerland’s Carlo Schmid, who completed the task last year at the age of 22.  Picture shows Tan shaking hands with Malaysian ambassador to Qatar, Jazri Mohamed Johar, after landing at the Doha International Airport.

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