2013 Honda Civic launched in Qatar

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2013 Honda Civic launched in Qatar The 2013 Honda Civic sedan.
11:28 PM

By Hamza Jilani/Staff Reporter

Honda’s Qatar distributor Domasco has launched the 2013 Civic sedan in the local market. “This new generation of the popular model is the only car in its class across brands to have passed the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety test,” said Grieg Roffey, head of sales and marketing for Honda.

“This is not the launch of a new model, but an upgrade of a current generation with significant changes in nearly every aspect of its build. Such releases are quite unheard of in such a short time within a model’s cycle, but there is a lot of value added to customers for a minimal price difference,” Roffey explained.

The Civic’s 2013 generation was introduced a year and a half ago, but the grades within the new upgrades – LXI, EXI and VTI – not only come with advancements in appearance, styling, suspensions, braking, steering and insulation but with cutting edge safety improvements to absorb shocks from collisions from different, angles, speeds and forces in order to isolate effects of impact and keep the rest of the car, mainly the cabin, “effected at a unprecedented minimal degree”.

The 2013 Civic has completely revised front and rear exterior styling, cruise control on all grades, retuned suspension and steering, extensive new features to reduce noise, vibration and harshness, and next generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure.

The completely redesigned 1.8L i-VTEC, 16-valve, four-cylinder 139HP engine for the ninth generation Civic introduced in 2012, remains unchanged for 2013.

“Available in both the base and the full option models, the new Civic is suitable for all tastes and budgets. We are confident that the 2013 model is going to be an unbeatable vehicle, any way you look at it,” Roffey said.

With regard to Honda’s market performance in Qatar, Roffey said: “We’ve had a very good year. Sales in this quarter are up 81% as opposed to last year’s. Our classic models such as the City, the Civic and the Odyssey continue to do well but our new lines like the new Accord that was introduced in January this year and the new CRV that was launched last year all contribute to that.”

Roffey also added that Honda is in the process of finalising a new showroom within Doha, as well as expanding its after sales’ network with new facilities “one, possible two, additional service outlets” to be realised this year.




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