Lucky ticket winners for ImaQ 2013 picked

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Lucky ticket winners for ImaQ 2013 picked
11:06 PM

The winners of the lucky tickets for the Indian Movie Awards in Qatar (ImaQ 2013) were picked at a draw held at the Gulf Times office yesterday. The coupons were drawn by Soman Baby, who represented the organisers of the event to be held tomorrow (Friday) at Al Ahli Stadium. Also present at the draw were noted pianist Stephen Devassy and Gulf Times marketing manager James John. The winners of the lucky VIP tickets are Anza Mathew, Aban Mohamed P, K Mohan Kumar, V Vinod, Abdul Aziz Abdul Khader and Aswathy Anna Baby. The winners are requested to contact the Gulf Times office on 44466620 for their tickets. Picture shows (from left) Stephen Devassy, James John and representatives of the ImaQ 2013 awards, Soman Baby and Jaison Mathew.

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