HEC Paris in Qatar’s newest batch graduates

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HEC Paris in Qatar’s newest batch graduates
12:35 AM

The graduates with officials at the convocation ceremony.

Executive education hub HEC Paris in Qatar has celebrated the latest batch of graduates of its Executive MBA (EMBA) programme at a convocation ceremony held at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

The Class of 2013 comprises 44 participants, including four CEOs from Qatar Credit Bureau, Coastal Group of Companies, King Abdullah Medical City and Kamco, and a COO from Consolidated Gulf Company as well as other high-ranking public and private sector managers.

The gala dinner event hosted by HEC Paris in Qatar also brought together top business executives to celebrate the success of not only the 44 EMBA graduates, but also of 61 participants from Qatar Leadership Centre and Ooredoo, which have participated in customised talent development programmes designed by HEC Paris in Qatar.

Those who conveyed congratulatory messages to the participants included Prof Bernard Ramanantsoa, dean of HEC Paris; Prof Laoucine Kerbache, CEO and academic dean of HEC Paris in Qatar; and Stéphane Michel, managing director of Total E&P Qatar and group representative.

“We are proud to have such a distinguished batch of participants and congratulate them for completing our EMBA course,” said Prof Bernard Ramanantsoa.

“We wish them well as they continue with their successful careers, now better equipped to face the challenges of a demanding and fast-paced global business and economic environment. We also wish to thank Qatar Foundation, under the inspired leadership of HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, for its dedication to education, which will fuel the further development of a knowledge-based economy in Qatar.”

“HEC Paris in Qatar has undoubtedly attracted the crème de la crème of business executives and government officials as evidenced by this year’s list of participants. In our short history so far in Qatar, such an illustrious list of participants is testament to the trust and confidence top business executives have in HEC Paris in meeting their requirements for executive education. I congratulate them all for their achievement and look forward to them achieving even more in their respective careers as they bring with them additional knowledge, skills and expertise that only HEC Paris can provide,” said Prof Kerbache.

As a contributor to the establishment of HEC Paris in Qatar, Michel said: “Total E&P is proud to be associated with HEC Paris in Qatar in promoting the highest quality executive education in this region. We are doubly proud that such an eminent batch of participants has completed an HEC Executive MBA programme. Thus, we wish to congratulate this year’s graduates as well as HEC Paris in Qatar for their achievement.”


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