Solo flight pilot to stop over in Doha

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Solo flight pilot to stop over in Doha
12:02 AM

 Captain James Tan


Captain James Anthony Tan, a young Malaysian pilot flying solo around the world under the ‘1Malaysia Around the World’ expedition, is expected to stop over in Doha tomorrow at 2pm.

The 21-year-old Malaysian will be the world’s youngest pilot to fly around the world as far as 22,000 nautical miles (41,000km) to all four continents covering 19 countries. Flagging-off from Langkawi on March 26, the departure ceremony was officiated by Malaysian Prime Minister Mohamed Najib Tun Razak.

The expedition will cover destinations including Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, US, Canada, Portugal, UK, France, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, India and Myanmar.

Captain Tan is expected to arrive back in Malaysia in mid-May. So far, he has flown over through the Asian continent crossing Europe to the US and is currently in Egypt before departing to Jordan.

After a stopover in Doha tomorrow, he will continue flying to Karachi the next day at 8am.

His journey can be followed at: Flight track: Facebook:




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