Jaidah Square redefines architectural landscape

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Jaidah Square redefines architectural landscape
12:01 AM

Jaidah Square on the Airport Road in Doha.

Jaidah Group, a long-established and influential conglomerate, has announced the completion of Jaidah Square – a new, seven-storey, state-of-the-art, environment-friendly and efficient commercial building with a highly centralised location that caters to local and international companies operating under any business sector.

Situated along Airport Road, Jaidah Square is strategically connected to the city’s evolving civil infrastructure, with direct links to Hamad International Airport and Metro. In addition, its architecture and engineering combine traditional and modern elements to create a striking building that simultaneously embraces and redefines Qatar’s architectural landscape.

Consisting of seven floors of sculpted glass and steel, Jaidah Square offers a vision of redefined functionality with built-in modern technology that reacts to human presence, shifting lighting, temperature, and digital resources in accordance with the needs of its occupants.

“Consistent with Jaidah Group’s unwavering commitment over the last 125 years, which is to surpass the unmitigated excellence and quality of products and services, we are proud to announce the completion of Jaidah Square,” said Jaidah Group’s Chief Development Officer, Mohamed Jaidah.

“Together with its modern and traditional architecture, Jaidah Square’s unprecedented digital environment connects people, encourages collaboration, and facilitates complex business functions.

“Through its meticulous shaping of office spaces, technological infrastructure, Intelligent Building Management, and ecological design, Jaidah Square will provide businesses and their staff a work environment that encourages efficiency and productivity,” he added.

“And because we understand that a holistic corporate culture blends the worlds of leisure Further inquiries about Jaidah Square can be had from Nicholas Young at 66003860, 44355690 or send an e-mail to management@jaidahsquare.com



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