Commercial Bank in debit card promo

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Commercial Bank in debit card promo
11:28 PM

Commercial Bank, has launched a new promotion ‘Win with Pin’ for all its debit card holders.

Customers stand a chance to win an iPhone5 every time they use a debit card to spend more than QR 50. Customers can expect to win an iPhone5 by using their debit cards to shop. All the winners will be announced and notified at the end of the two month promotion period. The promotion came into effect yesterday.

Commercial Bank Debit cards make everyday transactions more convenient and secure by eliminating the need for customers to carry cash or write cheques.  A Commercial Bank debit card holder can use his/her debit card for almost anything, including paying for groceries, dining, retail merchandise, hospital bills, government services and for secure ecommerce transactions when shopping online. Commercial Bank Debit cards also work internationally and can be used to withdraw funds at international ATMs or to make payments directly to overseas merchants. 

Dean Proctor, executive general manager, retail and consumer banking, said: “At Commercial Bank, a variety of choices and possibilities is something we want our customers to experience in their everyday banking relationship. Our debit cards are all about flexibility, mobility and security. This campaign has been launched to encourage our customers to start using their debit cards at merchant outlets, online and even internationally, and experience the convenience and benefits they have to offer. It also underlines our commitment to increase cashless transactions in Qatar.”


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