Tasweeq celebrates five years of operations

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Tasweeq celebrates five years of operations
11:52 PM

HE Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada with Tasweeq’s management and staff at the celebrations.


Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd (Tasweeq) recently celebrated five years of successful operations under the patronage and in the presence of HE the Minister of Energy and Industry, Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada.

The celebration was also attended by Tasweeq’s board members, VIP guests, the company’s management and staff. The celebrations held at The St Regis Doha started with a welcome message by Tasweeq’s CEO Saad al-Kuwari, who summarised the company’s journey over the past five years and emphasised its growth, both in operations and manpower.

Al-Kuwari thanked HE Dr al-Sada for his continuous guidance and support to Tasweeq and also applauded the contribution, commitment and dedication of the company’s employees.

“Tasweeq began its responsibilities in 2008 when it started marketing regulated products, which then included liquefied petroleum gas, condensates, refined products and sulphur. In 2009, our product line expanded to include non-regulated products, such as Qatar’s crude oil entitlements under an agency agreement with Qatar Petroleum, in addition to local petroleum sales. In 2011, Tasweeq started exporting gas-to-liquids (GTL) products such as GTL naphtha and, most recently, GTL jet fuel. In 2008, we lifted 40 cargoes per month.  Last year, we flawlessly sold and exported around 45mn tonnes of products, or 130 cargoes per month (both regulated and non-regulated) and about four cargoes per day,” al-Kuwari explained. “Tasweeq currently employs a total of 164 staff, of whom 42% are Qataris.  Tasweeq is well-positioned to reach 50% Qatarisation by 2015. Our Qatarisation strategy supports Qatar National Vision 2030.”

During the ceremony, HE Dr al-Sada distributed congratulatory certificates among Tasweeq employees who have completed five years of service in the company. He also gave away certificates to Tasweeq’s leadership team for successfully completing the coaching for excellence programme.

The ceremony included dance performances reflecting Tasweeq’s diverse nationalities. The performances debuted with Qatar’s traditional dance, Al-Ardha, and then took the attendees on a journey across varied cultural presentations.




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