Kulluna campaign focuses on cardiac health

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Kulluna campaign focuses on cardiac health
11:50 PM

Dr Khalid Abdulnoor Saifeldeen seen with other officials during a press conference held yesterday to announce the campaign.

Promoting cardiac health and combating heart disease in Qatar is the focus of the second phase of the Kulluna health and safety campaign.

Named Kulluna for a Healthy Heart, the second phase was announced at the Hamad International Training Centre (HITC) yesterday with the aim of informing residents about heart diseases, how these could be prevented, the treatments available and lifestyle changes to encourage heart health.

The Kulluna for a Healthy Heart campaign is sponsored by ConocoPhillips and focuses on different elements of prevention of heart diseases. It highlights the behaviours, lifestyle and risk factors that can lead to heart-related illnesses such as smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The campaign is supported by the Kulluna Healthy Heart team, which is made up of multidiscipline professionals from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

HITC director Dr Khalid Abdulnoor Saifeldeen said heart disease was one of the leading causes of death in both men and women around the world. “We at Kulluna believe that each one of us, with the right information and encouragement, can make changes that will result in improved heart health and a better quality of life,” he explained.

“The first Healthy Heart campaign event will take place towards the end of May and offer a range of advice, health checks and tests for those concerned about the state of their hearts.”

Heart Hospital chief executive officer Dr Lionel Jarvis said, “Kulluna for a Healthy Heart is a great initiative as it is another step to improving the heart health of people living in Qatar. Every day at the Heart Hospital, we dedicate ourselves to educating and informing the public about ways to prevent heart diseases and practise healthy living.”

Gary Sykes, president of ConocoPhillips Qatar, the founding sponsor of Kulluna, said the campaign was addressing one of the most pressing health concerns facing the country’s population.

“The Kulluna for a Healthy Heart campaign is yet another opportunity for ConocoPhillips to reaffirm its commitment to the health of the people of Qatar,” he said. “Through our sponsorship of Kulluna, we continue to support the HITC in drawing attention to pressing health and safety issues in Qatar and to be able to cement our position as active participants in the national efforts to improve health and safety in Qatar, which represents a top priority for ConocoPhillips Qatar.”

Launched in 2012, Kulluna is a five-year national campaign to improve health and safety in Qatar. The first part of the campaign, Keep Us Safe (dedicated to children’s safety), has been a success.

More information about Kulluna and its campaigns can be obtained from http://kulluna.hamad.qa/en/


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