FPCCI president calls on Pakistani ambassador

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FPCCI president calls on Pakistani ambassador
11:54 PM

President of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Zubair Ahmed Malik with Ambassador of Pakistan to Qatar Syed Hassan Raza.

Zubair Ahmed Malik, president of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), called on Ambassador of Pakistan to Qatar Syed Hassan Raza recently to discuss bilateral business and investment relations between Pakistan and Qatar.
Malik briefed the ambassador about the market for Pakistani consumer goods in Qatar.  
He mentioned the textile products of Pakistan which are considered the world over as of superior quality and that have great demand in Europe and the US.
He also underlined the need to establish business-to-business relations between the two countries and close co-operation between FPCCI and Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
He also conveyed through the ambassador an invitation to the Qatari businessmen to visit Pakistan and explore investment opportunities in the energy, agriculture, engineering and manufacturing sectors.
The ambassador assured Malik of full co-operation to the Pakistani companies to facilitate their interaction in Qatar and assured him that the embassy would facilitate the business groups to reach out to the Qatari companies and entrepreneurs.
Earlier, President FPCCI also held a meeting with Pakistani Business Forum in Doha and invited the Pakistani entrepreneurs to invest in different business sectors in Pakistan.
The FPCCI president is in Doha to attend the World Chambers Congress that aims to reinforce the global network of chambers of commerce, providing “opportunities for all”.  It is organised by the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation and hosted by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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