Total Qatar aims to provide young Qataris with career path

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Total Qatar aims to provide young Qataris with  career path Stephane Michel
12:19 AM

Total Qatar is looking forward to recruiting technically qualified Qatari graduates who are ready to work in the oil and gas industry and providing them with a career path, said Stephane Michel (pictured), managing director of Total E&P Qatar.
Speaking to Gulf Times, Michel said Qatarisation was one of the strategic exercises of Total Qatar and Qatar Career Fair was one of the opportunities in this regard.
“There are about 30 Qataris in key positions in our organisation , out of the 160 employees of Total in the country. Most of these employees are in finance, human resources, communication, public relations and many more. But we are looking forward to recruiting more Qataris who are technically qualified,” he said.
“More than the number of people, we are looking towards the quality of the candidates. No qualified Qatari candidate will have any problem in finding a suitable job in our organisation.”
Michel said that at present 15 positions were open for Qataris. “We have received around 150 resumes from the Career Fair so far. We will have the interviews very soon. This will give us an opportunity to select the most suitable candidates.”
He said the company offered training opportunities for the newly recruited staff. “In some cases we employ people and once they get some job experience we further provide them with training facilities.”
Michel said Total was ready to sponsor Qatari students and provide them with scholarships. “Representatives from Total visited different schools and interacted with Qatari students. Through these activities, we aim to motivate students to take appropriate courses.”
He said the Total Summer School Qatar and Total Middle East Summer School were meant to further this aim. “This is one part of our corporate social responsibility and we aim to reach out to maximum number of nationals in the country. We hope to engage as many Qataris as possible in our organisation and look forward to receiving more and more young nationals.”

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