QF staffers recall their own QCF experiences

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QF staffers recall their own QCF experiences
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Ahmed Mohamed Kafood could not have imagined what the future held for him when he attended the very first Qatar Career Fair (QCF) in 2007 as a fresh graduate.
During the event, he hoped to find a worthwhile opportunity that would allow him to gain work experience, having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Qatar University just a few months earlier.
“I was probably one of the first few people who attended the fair that morning,” Kafood recalled adding: “To be honest, I went in search of a good opportunity. I visited the Qatar Foundation stand to apply, and I continued to walk around so as to explore other possible options.”
The  28-year-old did not anticipate the outcome of his brief visit to the Qatar Foundation booth but was keen to make the most of his time and evaluate the many career choices on offer.
“I received a phone call while I was at QCF to ask if I was still at the fair and the caller asked me if I could come back,” he recounted, adding: “When I went back, they asked me several questions, but I did not realise that this was to be my first interview with the finance director at the time, and I really was not aware that it was to recruit me.”
He later accepted the job offer, received an orientation and was hired as a graduate trainer. He received his confirmation as a full-time employee in 2009, and has since made even more strides that have  led to his current position as a senior management accountant.
Kafood believes that Qatar Foundation is perfectly positioned for continued growth as it seeks to achieve Qatar’s National Vision 2030, and that any Qatari who wants to help his community rise to the challenge, should heed that message.
Another Qatari employee, Saad al-Suwaidi, attended QCF three years ago with some work experience and a clear objective in mind.
The 27-year-old had received his Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Business Administration from Stenden University Qatar, and was determined to apply for a post at the foundation.
“I used to work at a bank in Qatar and study at the same time. It would have been difficult to look for a job across the country by visiting companies or ministries to find the place that is most suited to my interest,”he explained adding: “When I went to QCF, it was specifically for Qatar Foundation. I knew the criteria they were looking for from their website and prepared my paperwork.”
Al-Suwaidi now holds the position of Events Services co-ordinator at the Communications Directorate and is enjoying rising to a new challenge every day.
He said that one of the aspects he appreciates the most about his job is the focus that is placed on personal development.
“To be a part of Qatar Foundation, you must be active and dedicated to your work. As challenging as it may be, it also gives you a great sense of achievement. With Qatar Foundation, you are part of a community. You are not serving a place – you are serving yourself and your country,” he noted.
However, al-Suwaidi advised younger Qataris to take advantage of the Qatar Career Fair 2013 and make the most of the many valuable opportunities on offer.

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