Widam gets international quality award in Geneva

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Widam gets international quality award in Geneva Mahmoud Bassam Issa receiving the award on behalf of Widam.
12:45 AM

Meat provider Widam was recently honoured with an international quality award in Geneva.
Mahmoud Bassam Issa, representing Widam as its deputy supply chain manager, received the Century International Quality Era award from BID (Business Initiative Directions) in the platinum category on behalf of the company.
“We are extremely honoured to receive the coveted award from an organisation such as BID, which puts quality above everything else. The accolade accentuates the relentless efforts and commitment of our team at Widam,” said Ahmed Nasser Sraiya al-Kaabi, Widam managing director and CEO.
BID was founded with the aim of sharing quality culture in leading companies worldwide. The annual awards honour outstanding standards of quality and service, with this year’s edition bringing together hundreds of stakeholders from various fields.
In 2012, Widam was recognised at the 16th International Star for Quality in Leadership Convention in France, adding yet another accolade to four recognitions from Meat & Livestock Australia for quality management.

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