Deputy PM invites Jordanian prince

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 Deputy PM invites Jordanian prince
12:27 AM

Deputy PM invites Jordanian prince

Jordanian Prince Hassan bin Talal yesterday received a written message from HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Mahmoud, inviting him to participate in the Darfur Donor Conference, due to be held in Doha on April 7-8.
Qatar’s Ambassador to Jordan Zayed bin Said al-Khayareen handed the message as Prince Hassan bin Talal in Amman yesterday.
Prince Hassan bin Talal welcomed the invitation, hailing Qatar’s distinguished role on the Arab and Islamic fronts under its wise leadership. He also appreciated the Qatari role in development and reconstruction issues in the Arab region, particularly in Darfur.
He underlined Jordan’s keenness on enhancing Jordanian-Qatari relations and developing them in the different areas so as to further serve the interests of the two countries.

Qatar Canadian School to hold annual Spring Fair today

Qatar Canadian School (QCS) will hold its annual Spring Fair today. The fun-filled event, which will kick off at 2.30pm on the school’s campus, has been organised by the school’s Parent Advisory Council.
Canadian games and competitions will raise the adventure bar involving students and their families. The activities for children include bouncy castles and  a fish pond.
Visitors will have the chance to taste the famous Canadian coffee, Tim Hortons, which is not available in Doha yet.
While the annual spring fair is meant to be a fun-filled event, it also comes with a noble cause. QCS, in collaboration with some charitable organisations, will collect items for donation to the less-privileged children and families.
Lovers of international cuisine can enjoy different food items, which will be available at the event.

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