Mawashi to be known as Widam

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 Mawashi to be known as Widam Mawashi board discloses the new name Widam.
9:15 PM

Qatar Meat and Livestock Company (Mawashi) is changing its name to Widam as part of re-branding to better position it to serve the country’s long-term food security objectives.
The company, which is also foraying into the areas of poultry and seafood as part of diversification, hopes to complete the re-branding to Widam by Ramadan this year.
At an extra-ordinary general assembly held on Wednesday, shareholders and members of the board agreed to change the name of the company to Widam, an Arabic name that is deeply-rooted to the Qatari culture and its culinary heritage.
The re-branding of the company strongly accentuates the company’s strategy and vision to expand its business and tap into new industries and markets to serve the country’s long-term food security objectives, said its spokesman.
Widam transports livestock, fodder, and meat products to facilitate trade; manages the automatic and national slaughterhouses; owns a branch in Sudan for fodder and meat trade
“The re-branding of Mawashi to become Widam is the outcome of a series of internal discussions we carried over the past few months based on our firm belief that it is now the right time to further expand our horizons but embracing a name that has international appeal while remaining true to our Qatari identity and origin,” according to Ahmed Nasser Sraiya al-Kaabi, managing director and CEO of Widam.
Highlighting that the decision underlines its commitment to position Widam as the best and largest provider of food and food resources in the future without being associated, solely, with the business of red meat trading; he said “this is also in line with our plans to start catering to market needs of poultry and, later on, seafood.”
Terming that change is a long-term process and exercise; al-Kaabi said this meant that its partners and stakeholders might still see the name Mawashi at some of sales points and butcheries with the “aim to, gradually, appear under the umbrella of Widam, hopefully, towards the holy month of Ramadan”.

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