Chevrolet unveils new SUV model

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Chevrolet unveils new SUV model The 2013 Chevrolet Traverse unveiled.
11:15 PM

By Joey Aguilar/Staff Reporter

Designed to give more space specifically for the family, the new Chevrolet Traverse is expected to hit the Qatari market this year.
During the launch on Tuesday, general manager Mark Jenkins told Gulf Times that the 2013 Traverse saves more fuel but gives more power.
The engine, the interior and the transmission are all new. He said it went through a lot of refinement especially in improving the design of the interior.
“The whole idea is to raise it to a new level, it’s what we call the SUV crossover vehicle. A seven-seat family vehicle, it is one of our most popular sellers,” Jenkins said.
It is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 aluminum engine with Variable Valve Timing matched with a six-speed automatic transmission.
The advantage is on the design and style, stressing the finished and built quality of Chevrolet is extremely good.
“We’d like to think the Traverse is different, it’s the style. In the last of two years, the emphasis is on the style. This is where I think we are leading in the market,” he said.
Ambassador Crescente Relacion, businessmen and leaders of Filipino organisations graced the event.
Chevrolet also recorded “an enormous growth” in 2012 with nearly 30 percent and sees the Qatari market going up this year. “Hopefully we will do very well this year.”
Launching various models like the Trailblazer, Caprice, Sonic and Colorado last year, Jenkins expressed confidence that they will meet their customers’ requirement for 2013.
He disclosed that General Motors is putting its effort, time, research and development in satisfying customers’ needs.
It will also open four new support facilities in Doha in three weeks in a bid to give customers more locations to visit.
“We’ll go to the customers rather than the customer to go to one location. We always try to listen to our customer’s needs and in doing that we have to give them location so service would be done more,” the general manager said.
He also announced that more new sports car models will be launched in July for Qataris. The Qatari market share is nearly 50 percent, the highest in the Middle East.
The new Tahoe and Suburban will be launched next year.
“Chevrolet is a manufacturer with a reputation for making top class automobiles and Jaidah Automotive has a reputation for outstanding customer service. When we merge the two together, we aim to provide an unrivalled customer experience,” Jenkins added.

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