Brother 2013 product line-up unveiled

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Brother 2013 product line-up unveiled Officials and guests at the Brother Dealer Meet.
1:23 AM

The 2013 product line-up of electronic equipment company Brother was unveiled recently.
Sohail A Kidwai, the deputy general manager at Brother International Corporation Gulf for printing and solutions, presented the new range at the Brother Dealer Meet.
This year, Brother’s focus is mostly on the corporate models of the laser MFC (multi-function copiers) range.
The new product line-up consists of a mobile document scanner, laser printers, MFCs and the new-generation inkjet MFC.
Jumbo Electronics director and general manager C V Rappai thanked all the customers for their confidence in the Brother range of products.
A marketing session presented by assistant general manager (multi-brands) Manoj Kumar J was followed by a raffle draw for five winners.
It was also an opportunity to give away the Performance Awards for 2012 to the LuLu Group, Safari Group, Giant Stores, Delta Business System, and PC One. These were presented by manager (multi-brands) Sanjay KC.
Brother International and Jumbo Electronics, the sole distributor of the brand in Qatar, also hosted a dinner.

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