Qatar Charity opens schools in Indonesia

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Qatar Charity opens schools in Indonesia QC oficials, Qatar ambassador to Indonesia and Indonesian officials at the inauguration ceremony
12:36 AM

Qatar Charity (QC) has opened a multi-service centre in Indonesia, which includes schools and a mosque in Banten province.
The centre was inaugurated by QC CEO Yousef bin Ahmed al-Kuwari, who was visiting QC projects in the region.
Mohammed al-Khater, Qatar’s ambassador to Indonesia attended the opening ceremony alongside the deputy governor of Banten, the deputy governor of the city of Serrang, chairman of the board of Indonesian scholars in the state of Banten, the director of QC’s Indonesia office, and local community figures and members of the media.
 “This multi-service centre is the latest of a series of similar projects carried out by Qatar Charity in Indonesia, in the course of its interest in sustainable human development,” said al-Kuwari.
“Qatar Charity is focused on programmes to provide infrastructure and appropriate conditions that help to discover and develop creativity through education with access to basic education seen as a springboard for human development,” al-Kuwari added.
He pointed out that QC is keen on the implementation of projects and programmes in co-operation with local associations, beneficiary communities and local authorities, to achieve its mission to strengthen the capacity of the neediest to achieve human dignity and social justice.
He also expressed his sincere thanks to all the donors who helped fund the project.
‘Glory Project’ consists of a two-storey school, containing six classrooms, a school for teaching the Qur’an, a mosque, laboratories, a library, housing for students,  green spaces and playgrounds, a restaurant, two shops, a well for drinking water and 12 toilets.
‘Glory Project’ is part of the thirteen educational centres which were built by QC Indonesia in a bid to improve access to educational opportunities and work towards the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations and the international community for 2015.
The director of educational affairs for the region and the deputy governor of Banten province expressed their thanks to QC.

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