Spring Festival gives you wings

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Spring Festival gives you wings An instructor takes a visitor on a flight at the Aerodium show.
1:15 AM

The Spring Festival being held at Souq Waqif, attracted large crowds yesterday, the penultimate day of the fair featured entertainers from many parts of the world.
One of the highlights of the events is the Aerodium show presented by a Latvian company based in Sigulda, Latvia, which owns and runs the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe.  The company became known after the 2006 Torino XX Winter Olympic Games closing ceremonies, because Aerodium Latvia helped produce the part of the show that featured flying acrobats. The tunnel generates a wind stream of 200 km/h within a diameter of 3.7 metres.
For QR25, visitors were offered the chance to “fly”, supported by an instructor who “flew” along with the  customer.

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