Award for Ahli Bank

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Award for Ahli Bank Laila Al Hijazi receiving the award as others look on.
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Ahli Bank QSC has been awarded an “Excellence Award for 2012”  for Straight Through Processing (STP) of their dollar payments by Bank of New York Mellon.
Ahli Bank’s STP processing standard for remittance products ensures seamless processing of dollar remittances by the New York-based Correspondent, Bank of New York Mellon. The STP Award acknowledges outstanding performance with respect to payments processing, said a bank statement. The award is given every year by Bank of New York Mellon to select banks that manage to demonstrate excellence in remittance processing.
A delegation headed by Vice Chairman and CEO (Global Client Management) of  Bank of New York Mellon Jim Palermo presented the award to Laila Al Hijazi, manager payment and clearing.
Viswalingam Nagarajan, head of operations, praised the payments team for their brilliant effort and said that this award showcases Ahli Bank’s determination to showcase international quality standards. He also said that Central Operation’s team has been awarded the ISO9001:2008 by SGS, a renowned accreditation body in 2011 and has successfully passed the first surveillance audit in December 2012.
The Central Operation’s team is demonstrating continual improvement of their processing standards through centralisation of processes and process re-engineering.

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