Lagoona Mall unveils new shops, eateries

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Lagoona Mall unveils new shops, eateries
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Lagoona Mall is unveiling a range of new shops and eateries in the February-April period in a bid to bring the latest high-end fashion, more restaurant brands and fresh cuisines to Doha.
The new fashion flagships include Tommy Hilfiger, the US lifestyle brand, offering designer clothes for men, women and children, and denim collections exclusive to Lagoona.
Another big name, Dune London, has opened an outlet this week with its range of footwear and accessories as well as popular brands like Dune Bertie and Pied A Terre.
The third fragrance outlet to open in Lagoona is the well-known Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, the house of oud, amber and perfumes. The brand captures the essence of Arabia through evocative perfumes.
On the culinary front, the Australian-themed Outback SteakHouse is another first for Lagoona Mall. It is set to open by April.
Then there is Marakesh Restaurant from Morocco, which opened last week and boasts of traditional home-made exotic dishes such as couscous, bourekas and many more, as well as a variety of desserts such as milk pastilla and sellu.
From colder climes in the UK, Lagoona Mall has brought SNOG, the pure frozen yogurt chain known for some of the healthiest dairy products in the market.
Speaking on the new additions to the luxury mall, its general manager Eamon Kelly said: “Lagoona Mall has become a truly five-star shopping mall in Doha, able to match any five-star hotel in Doha in terms of quality, luxurious ambience, customer service, ease of access and facilities.

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