HCL launches new range of ME tablets

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HCL launches new range of ME tablets The HCL ME tablets launch.
12:18 AM

HCL Infosystems has launched a new range of ME tablets - U2, V1 and Y3 - in the Middle East and Africa.
The new ME tablets are available at leading retailers across the region. In Qatar, they can be found in stores such as LuLu and Safari. The company has tied up with Axiom Telecom as its service partner for the region.
Srinath Nagarajan, business head (MEA), mobility business unit of HCL Infosystems MEA, said: “The launch comes as part of our commitment to offer the best in technology and continue our innovation and leadership in the value category of tablets in the region.”
The ME tablets have been innovated to offer various specialised features. The U2 offers a fast processor and Google Play, while the V1 has a facility for 2G calling. The Y3 has 3G calling facility and a dual SIM.
Some of the exclusive distributors for ME tablets in the region include CGC (Consolidated Gulf Corporation) in Qatar, BDL Gulf and BDL Saudi in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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