Searing day in Delhi, no respite today

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Searing day in Delhi, no respite today
8:22 PM

A man swims in the polluted waters of river Yamuna on a hot day in New Delhi yesterday. Temperatures in New Delhi reached 42.8 degrees Celsius.

IANS/New Delhi

Searing heat continued in Delhi yesterday with the national capital recording 42.8 degrees Celsius. The weather office has said there won’t be any respite today.

“The skies will remain clear tomorrow as well and the heatwave will continue,” the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

The maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to hover around 43 and 27 degrees Celsius. Yesterday’s minimum temperature was 27.8 degrees, a notch above the average for this time of the season. The maximum humidity settled at 53%.

Tuesday’s maximum temperature was 43 degrees Celsius, three degrees above average, while the minimum settled at 29 degrees Celsius. However, thunder squall followed by rains brought down temperatures in several parts of Odisha, bringing relief to people from the blistering heatwave conditions in the state, an official said.

The coastal belt in Odisha saw widespread rains in the last 24 hours. The district headquarters town of Cuttack, some 25km from Bhubaneswar, received 22.6mm of rainfall which was highest in the state, an official at the meteorological centre said.

Other places witnessing rains include Bhubaneswar, the port town of Paradip, and district headquarters town of Angul, Talcher and Keonjhar, the official added.

Last week, heatwave conditions prevailed across the state with temperatures soaring above 45 degrees Celsius in some areas.

“Temperatures have fallen by four-five degrees in most places. An overcast sky was seen in most parts of the coastal belt, including Bhubaneswar,” the official said.


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