Kalam to teach at IIM in Shillong

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Kalam to teach at IIM in Shillong
9:38 PM


Former president A P J Abdul Kalam will take classes for students of the Indian Institute of Management-Shillong.

“I am a teacher. As a professor, wherever knowledge takes me, I go. I like meeting young people and I would like to contribute to their knowledge,” Kalam said here.

The “Missile Man”, as Kalam is called for his background in aerospace engineering, was in Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya, and inaugurated the third international conference “SUSCON” organised by IIM-Shillong yesterday.

Kalam will start his lectures to a class of around 110 students from July, IIM-Shillong Director Kaya Sengupta said.

“The students and faculty of IIM-Shillong are elated that Kalam has consented to our invitation to teach in the institute. I am sure his lectures would benefit not only our students, but even faculty members,” Sengupta said.


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