QIB signs QR365mn Murabaha with QFB

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QIB signs QR365mn Murabaha with QFB Gamal with Emad concluding the QR365mn Murabaha facility.
2:09 AM

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has signed a QR365mn ($100mn) Murabaha facility with Qatar First Bank (QFB), the country’s first independent Shariah compliant financial institution authorised by QFC Regulatory Authority.

The facility, which will be used to support QFB’s growth plans, is a multiple Murabaha structured facility with a three-year tenor period.

QIB’s Group CEO Bassel Gamal said: “This financing agreement reflects the strong working relationship between the two banks. QIB has a strategic vision that aims to provide Islamic financing solutions to partners, such as QFB.

“It also aims to build partnerships based on common interest and continuous co-operation to achieve the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030, one of which is to build an even stronger economy.”

Qatar Islamic Bank has strengthened its presence in the market, gaining a 35% market share of the Islamic banking sector.

The bank has successfully implemented its strategy to provide Shariah compliant financing solutions for large projects in the sectors of energy, industry, infrastructure, construction, and trade finance.

QIB said it was committed to supporting strategic partners and contributing towards the growth of businesses in the local market, where the bank has directed more than 90% of its financing portfolio, thereby enhancing its reputation as the leading Islamic bank in the country.

QFB chief executive officer Emad Mansour said: “QFB is a fast growing bank with ambitious plans for further expansion.

“This facility will provide us with the necessary funding to further accelerate our growth and capitalise on the ample business opportunities in Qatar and our target markets. We thank QIB for their support and look forward to a long term relationship.”

QFB has grown rapidly since its launch in 2009, demonstrating a strong profit and dividend record. The bank has concluded some 16 transactions, investing a total of QR1.5bn and profitably exited from four investments.



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