Vietnam warehouse explosions kill 10

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Vietnam warehouse explosions kill 10
8:33 PM

Firefighters search for survivors following twin blasts which tore through a residential street and destroyed three houses in Ho Chi Minh City early yesterday killing up to 10 people, according to reports.


Twin blasts at a warehouse owned by a cinema special effects expert killed 10 people and reduced three homes to burning rubble in Vietnam’s biggest city, state media reported yesterday.

Teams of firefighters worked through the early hours after the overnight explosions and found three survivors among the bodies buried beneath what was left of the houses in southern Ho Chi Minh City early yesterday, the Tuoi Tre newspaper said on its website (

Among the dead was Le Minh Phuong, 58, who worked in pyrotechnics for local films and stored explosives in his home, which doubled as a warehouse, Tuoi Tre said, citing preliminary police investigations.

Six members of Phuong’s family, including his six-year-old daughter, were also killed. Police said they believed the explosions were triggered by accident.


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