The St. Regis Doha prepares to host top golfers

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The St. Regis Doha prepares to host top golfers
10:37 PM


Organisers of the 2013 Commercial Bank Qatar Masters yesterday unveiled The St. Regis Doha as the preferred Hotel of the tournament, starting with the 2013 event. The three year deal means that the world-famous golfers taking part in the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters can look forward to the ultimate in five-star Qatari hospitality as The St. Regis Doha opens its doors to welcome them after a challenging day on the course.

The likes of defending Champion Paul Lawrie and his fellow competitors will be treated to luxuriously appointed suites offering extensive views over the Arabian Gulf’s tranquil blue sea. With ten exclusive restaurants, a private beach, discreet oceanfront cabanas, tennis courts, a Remède spa, fitness facilities and an Olympic size swimming pool, The St. Regis Doha will welcome the world’s leading players to Qatar with unrivalled magnificence.

Tareq Derbas, General Manager at The St. Regis Doha commented, “We are delighted to be named as the preferred Hotel of the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters tournament for the next three years. As a leading hotel in Qatar, we are proud to partner with one of the country’s leading sporting events.”

“Here at The St. Regis Doha we pride ourselves on our first-class hospitality. We look forward to extending a warm welcome to the top golfers as well as tournament spectators from around the world for years to come. After a long day at Doha Golf Club, our guests will find a warm welcome, five-star dining options including Gordon Ramsay and Hakkasan restaurants, and the perfect environment in which to relax.”

Derbas continues, “We are pleased to announce that The St. Regis Doha will also host the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters Pro-Am gala dinner today, which will be attended by all of the professional players as well as many leading figures from within the Doha community.”

”Organised as part of the tournament by the Qatar Golf Association (QGA), Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) and Commercial Bank of Qatar, the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters Pro-Am gala dinner is one of the most anticipated events on Doha’s sporting and social calendar. After an action-packed day on the course, it gives teams of amateurs an opportunity to visit one of Qatar’s leading venues to mingle with golf’s famous names for the evening, providing outstanding memories.

QGA President Hassan al- Nuaimi commented on the strong support from local business such as The St. Regis Doha, “We are delighted to welcome The St. Regis Doha aboard as the preferred Hotel of the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters. All of our partners work hard to deliver an outstanding tournament each year, and The St. Regis Doha will play a vital role in staging the Pro-Am dinner as well as hosting our competitors and spectators. By partnering with The St. Regis Doha, we are confident that competitors and spectators alike will be offered the very best in Qatari hospitality as they look to relax after a full day at Doha Golf Club.”


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