Manchester United to train at Aspire

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 Manchester United  to train at Aspire Alex Ferguson: Manchester United’s coach
12:31 AM

English Premier League giants Manchester United are taking a break from the icy weather in Europe to recharge themselves with a bit of Gulf sunshine in Qatar.
Aspire Zone will once again host the top club side – they were here in 2010 last – when Alex Ferguson leads his squad for a four-day training camp beginning today at the state-of-the-art facility.
United arrived early morning today, after a seven-hour flight following their match against Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League which they won.
The Reds will return to the Aspire Academy Outdoor Football Pitches, where they held a training camp in 2010, with the team set to take advantage of the ideal climate and outstanding facilities available.
The Reds will start their four-day training camp at Aspire today, finishing on Thursday.
Ferguson wants a camp in a warm environment so that his players will be able to train outdoors, maintain their physical condition and recharge their batteries. Sir Alex had many alternatives to choose from but he and his team have opted for Qatar, and more precisely for the Aspire Zone’s state-of–the art facilities.
Explaining the choice of Qatar, and Aspire in particular, team manager, Sir Alex Ferguson said: “We went to Aspire back in 2010 and the fantastic facilities, excellent weather conditions and hospitality from the Aspire management were a perfect combination. It will be an ideal place for us and we are looking forward to an excellent training camp that will see us up for the remainder of the season.”
Commenting on Manchester United’s presence at Aspire, Aspire Academy director general Ivan Bravo said: “Aspire are delighted to warmly welcome such a big team at our premises.  We thank the Manchester United management for choosing Qatar and Aspire for their camp. We will do our best to make their camp and visit to Aspire and Qatar a successful one.”
Aspire Zone boasts some of the finest sports training facilities in the world and has already welcomed Bayern Munich, Paris St Germain and Shalke football clubs for training camps this month.
The world’s most comprehensive campus for athletes in training, Aspire Zone has been used as a training base for many different sports, including ahead of major international events such as the Olympic Games.

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