The third Qatari-Saudi co-ordination meeting regarding entry procedures for arrivals through the Abu Samra border crossing during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 began Wednesday, and will last for two days.
Border Passports Department Director Brig Gen Nasser bin Abdullah al-Thani headed the Qatari side, while the Saudi delegation was led by Assistant Director-General of Port Affairs Brig Gen Saud bin Bandar al-Sur.

At the beginning of the meeting, Brig Gen Nasser bin Abdullah al-Thani welcomed the Saudi delegation to Qatar, wishing them success, and said that the efforts exerted would be fruitful in bringing about the required co-ordination that contributes to the smooth entry of the masses into the State. He pointed out that the current meeting is a continuation of what was discussed in the previous two meetings, with the aim of enhancing co-operation regarding entry and exit during the World Cup period.
The meeting will review the latest developments on the entry mechanisms approved for arrivals to Qatar during the World Cup through the Abu Samra border crossing.
It will also discuss a number of topics that were raised during the previous meeting, the co-ordination reached by the two sides, and other topics on the agenda.