The Arab League condemned the storming of the Al Aqsa mosque yesterday by Israeli occupation forces along with a number of settlers, blaming the Israeli government for stoking tension and igniting the situation with escalatory actions.
The Arab League Secretary-General’s spokesperson ambassador Jamal Rushdie said in a statement that the storming of Al Aqsa by the occupation forces and settlers, followed by arresting of a number of Palestinians stationed inside the mosque, aims to impose a division in the Al Aqsa mosque, meaning changing the existing historical and legal status quo.
Rushdie pointed out that this policy of the occupation government represents a flagrant violation of international law, and a provocation of the feelings of Palestinians and Muslims in general.
The spokesperson added that the intensification of incursions ahead of the Jewish holidays ignites the atmosphere and increases the state of tension that already exists in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in Jerusalem.
Rushdie stressed that imposing a siege on Al Aqsa, and arresting those stationed inside it, as an unacceptable crime, and called on the international community to assume its responsibilities and confront the dangerous Israeli escalation.
These incursions and provocations come in response to calls by the alleged Temple Mount Groups to storm Al Aqsa mosque, under the pretext of Jewish holidays and under the auspices of the occupation government.
In reaction, Palestinians called for the intensification of sit-ins and the permanent mobilisation in the Al Aqsa mosque to protect and defend it from the incursions of extremist settlers. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the actions of Prime Minister of the Israeli Yair Lapid on the ground is contrary to what he outlined in his speech before the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly pertaining to the two-state solution, QNA reported from Ramallah.
In a press statement, the ministry clarified that the assaults perpetrated by the occupation army and its terrorist organisations against the Palestinians on daily basis manifestly rejects any Israeli talk about peace and a two-state solution, and debunks the falsehood of the misinformation campaigns carried out by the Israeli government to reduce potential international reaction to halt its criminal escalation or any calls for peace revival between the Palestinian and Israeli sides. The statement went on to say that the international community’s sufficiency with UN resolutions that are not implemented or stopping some expressions and timid forms of criticism, constitutes a cover for the Israeli government and its various arms to persist in implementing more of its expansionist projects at the expense of Palestine.
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