MES Indian School produced outstanding results in the Grade XII CBSE Examination 2021-22.  A total of 510 students registered for the examination.
In the Science stream, Aman Russell and Lavanya Kodappully Baiju emerged as the school toppers with 96.6 % followed by Bavisha Rajesh with 95.8% in the second position and Wasil Iftekhar and Bhavna Biju Chacko in the third position with 94.8%.
In the Commerce stream, Niya Ann Raji secured first position with 97.2% followed by Melissa Maria Pious in the second position with 95.2% and Jeswin Binu Chacko with 94.6% in the third position.
In the Humanities stream, Akhil Anvar topped the school with 92% marks. Noor Rizwan secured the second position with 91.8% and Mohamed Zayan Kesavath Parambil secured third position with 85.8%.
The following students secured A1 in all subjects: Allen Varughese John, Aman Russell, Mohamed Bilal, Wasil Iftekhar, Bavisha Rajesh, Fathima Fida Palayangal, Lavanya Kodappully Baiju, Roopali Badiger, Melissa Maria Pious and Niya Ann Raji.
The following students are the top scorers in different subjects: English - Farhath Mohyiddin Abdulla, Nahla Shameer, Sidra Amina. Mathematics - Lavanya Kodappully Baiju. Physics - Aman Russell, Mohamed Bilal, Fathima Fida Palayangal, Bavisha Rajesh, Mohamed Hamd Ashfaque, Gowri Siva S. Biology - Bavisha Rajesh, Lavanya Kodappully Baiju, Gowri Siva S, Ann Mary James, Nandana Othayoth, Afiya Jahubar Ali.
Chemistry - Bavisha Rajesh, Lavanya Kodappully Baiju, Wasil Iftekhar. Computer Science - Nahla Shameer, Mohamed Hamd Ashfaque. Informatics Practices - Affrin Ashiba, Mohamed Samrood Siraj. Engineering Graphics - Nada Fathima. Business Studies - Arachumveetil Sumayya. Accountancy, Economics - Jeswin Binu Chacko. Economics - Jeswin Binu Chacko, Niya Ann Raji. History - Noor Rizwan, Mohamed Zayan Kesavath Parambil. Physical Education - Divine Hannah Thomas, Alina Grace Unnikrishnan. Home Science - Amatun Noor, Divya Jayakumar, Mabel Elizabeth Philip.
Principal Hameeda Kadar congratulated the students for their remarkable achievements and thanked Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Public Health, Embassy of India and the school management for their timely support and guidance during the pandemic
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