The QU Health Interprofessional Education Committee (IPEC) at Qatar University (QU), which consists of representatives from all healthcare schools in Qatar, organised the seventh IPE activity for this academic year on the topic 'Pneumonia and Antibiotic Stewardship' virtually using Microsoft Teams.
Some 77 students and nine facilitators attended the event. Professions involved in this activity were Pharmacy, Public Health and Biomedical Science.
The interprofessional education activity explained the principle of collaboration and how to be culturally sensitive and responsible when communicating with any of the stakeholders. The activity outlined the importance of including all stakeholders in the decision-making process regarding patient healthcare outcomes.
In addition, it discussed controversial issues pertaining to a patient’s autonomy and right to decline care. The session started with an introductory video by Dr Ziad Nasr (lead facilitator, clinical assistant professor, College of Pharmacy, QU, followed by Icebreakers where the team members introduced themselves and discussed their profession role in antimicrobial stewardship.
Then, a case discussion was introduced about a 51-year-old man who was admitted to the emergency department of Hamad General Hospital. Students looked at his symptoms, vital signs and lab results and discussed his treatment plan. Dr Nasr said, “It was nice to witness how all students from various healthcare professions were able to interact together and use concepts and principles of antimicrobial stewardship to implement them within an infectious diseases case.”
Moza Saad al-Kuwari, Public Health student from the College of Health Sciences, QU, said: “I had a great experience joining the IPE session; it highlighted the role of public health professionals clearly and showed other professions that every healthcare professional has to have a background in public health to succeed in their field.”
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