Delivery companies in Qatar are required to use only cars to deliver orders between 10am and 3.30pm, until mid-September.
According to local Arabic daily Arrayah, the Ministry of Labour (MoL) has issued a circular in this regard to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion for delivery workers during the summer by stopping the delivery of orders on two-wheelers.
The rule came into effect Friday and will remain in force until September 15. The ministry noted that all companies and shops can continue to provide delivery services by cars only during this period, according to the Arrayah report.
The decision is in line with Ministerial Resolution No. 17 of 2021, which stipulates the legal working hours in the country's outdoor spaces from June 1 to September 15. Outdoor work is prohibited from 10am to 3.30pm during this period.
The resolution obligates companies and institutions that have worksites under direct sunlight to set a schedule specifying daily working hours in accordance with the provisions of the resolution, and to place the schedule in a conspicuous place that is easy for all workers to view.
In a tweet Friday, the MoL stressed that specific working hours during the summer period minimises the risks of heat stress.
The ministry has called on company owners not to violate the provisions of the resolution and the necessity of implementing it in order to preserve the safety and health of workers during the summer period, while legal measures will be taken against companies violating the decision.
Meanwhile, delivery companies in Qatar said they were taking measures to protect delivery workers from heat stress.
In a post on Instagram Friday, talabat said: "Keeping our heroes cool! From 10am to 3.30am, talabat riders trade their bikes for cars. As per a Qatar Ministry of Labour communication, the delivery sector will start delivering orders by car from 10am to 3.30pm from 1 July till 15 September.
"We welcome initiatives that ensure rider wellbeing, especially during summer, and will continue to collaborate with the government to ensure their requirements are always met."
"During the summer months, we provide riders with cool vests and thermo bottles, as well as cooled rest areas across the country," the company added.
Snoonu said it has relaunched its 'No Riders Under the Sun' initiative. Through this initiative, Snoonu pursues – for the second consecutive year – its measures to improve the working conditions of delivery riders amid high temperatures in the country.
The re-introduction of 'No Riders Under the Sun' means that there will be no bike deliveries from 10am to 5pm, starting Friday.
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